Thursday, 7 January 2016

Every Relationship is Divine

Every Relationship is Divine is the title I am now using for my weekly twin flame, romance, soulmate readings. I am expanding it to every relationship in your life, not just romantic.  On a soul level we do truly all love one another at a very high level, so all relationships in our lives are Divine.

In my reading of December 17th, I brought in the message "you are your own twin flame".  I advised to drop the labels.  I was brought down the twin flame path and it has served its purpose in my own life at this time.  The labels don't matter to me anymore.  We are all on our own journeys, feeling the same feelings, walking a path to the unknown at times and learning to shine our light more brightly here on earth.  We each have a mission, reasons for being on earth at this time.  Some consciously know why they are here and others don't, but more people will be curious over the next few years and will want to know more.  Each will be guided when the time is right for them, meanwhile everyone is where they are meant to be, doing what they are meant to be doing, at this time.

Finding yourself, finding your own inner guidance, your own inner light and your connection to Source is finding your own twin flame, your own eternal flame.  That is where we all need to be heading.  There are lessons to be learned along this path and we each learn them in different ways.

They are mostly - overcoming fear, doubt and judgement.  Forgiveness of ourselves and others.  We have lots of letting go of the old ways to do!! We are being taught to see a bigger picture of life.  Our journey is about being the best version of ourselves that we can be, one step at a time, guided by whatever path we choose to walk or are guided down when we least expect it.  And to walk towards a place of happiness, joy and bliss.

Every situation involves a relationship with another, be it your boss, your parent, your sibling, your pet, your friend, your neighbour.  Interactions with others is what moves us forward and helps us grow.  Thus the reason why I have taken off all labels except relationship from my readings, as relationships are at the core of our existence here on earth.

Personally the twin flame label taught me alot but it also caused me alot of pain.  I know I personally had to have a person with a name at the end of the label, because I would have given up along the way, so many times.  I wouldn't have been motivated to do all my own personal healing and the ancestral healing that I was called to do if I didn't have the proverbial carrot at the end of the stick!   But still having said that, I am taking off the label and the person who was attached to that label too!!! It has been a long road, but it is great to be here now!

I have been taught that there are twin flames on earth and I know if there are, that I am certainly one of them!!! But I have also been taught that twin flames are the way showers, that they came their path so that they can teach others what they have learned and that this is the template for ALL relationships for the future.  Soul connection, soul love, respect and doing all or some of one's own personal healing before entering into ANY relationship, so that romantic relationships will be more balanced,  loving and respectful.   Younger generations won't have long, painful healing twin flame journeys, they will be helped work through their preparation work more quickly as the older twin flames have cleared alot of the density for them (if that makes sense).  That is my feeling on it anyway and the unfolding of it remains to be seen!!

Looking at others on earth who have never heard the word twin flame, they are going through the same pain and lessons triggered by different happenings such as loss of loved ones, children, so to me, all paths are the same, it is just that most people don't know why these things are happening "to them" or any of the reasons.  I am lucky and grateful to have been shown my spiritual path in the way I was shown.  People say that it is one of the toughest paths.  I disagree when I see others who aren't on that path, experiencing the same pain and lessons.

We have got to be cracked open with pain to grow and evolve, so it is all for the highest good and the feelings of love, gratitude, bliss, ecstasy, and awe along the way are just so wonderful to feel and it is fantastic to be living here on Earth at this time being part of the evolution of our planet bringing us all to Heaven on Earth.  If you are new and just finding this information now, work with Source who send you signs and confirmations all day, every day.  They send signs like feathers, coins, rainbows, robins, books, words of songs, words on billboards, numbers and car registrations!! They get their messages to us in whatever way they know we will see them.  Check out my website page for My Books and the short book Coincidences... or are they? which shows some of the ways and some of my own experiences of how Spirit has worked with me.

Today is 7th January 2016 and that is where I am at, at the moment!  I look forward to more clarity, expansion and further knowledge and learning!!

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Love and Light.  Happy New Year to you all xx Mary

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