Saturday, 6 February 2016

Erik Medhus - a young man in Spirit.

Erik is in Spirit.  He was bipolar when on earth and took his own life, which he doesn't condone and wouldn't advise others to go the same route.  He was 20.  He is young so uses young language with the odd word that some people may not like.  He is a happy soul.  In some videos he speaks about the death experience and how there really is no separation and that more and more people on earth will be able to communicate with their loved ones who have passed, in the not so distant future.

He brings knowledge and information from where he is now, through a medium called Jamie Butler who is usually interviewed on YouTube by Erik's mother Dr Elisa Medhus.  Elisa was born into an Aethiest family so was a huge skeptic until her son started to communicate with her and the family.

She has written a book My Son and the Afterlife and Erik has channeled his book My Life after Death.  They have a YouTube channel called Channeling Erik where they interview lots of well-known people who have passed over.  I find it very interesting.

This conversation is a very good one.  It is on another YouTube channel.  It goes into what the future plan is for the earth, over the next 6 to 8 years.  I just love this sort of communication and the learning that we receive from it.

So here goes, I am sharing it with whoever is interested.  Love and Light xx Mary

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