Monday, 14 March 2016

Children and Soul Agreements

This is the Monday after my daughter’s wedding.  The wedding day was March 11th.  A master number and big angel and spiritual awakening number, so a powerful day for a wedding.  Weddings are emotional times for families.  The timing of this particular wedding was right after a total solar eclipse and a new moon with a lunar eclipse coming up nine days later.  Therefore, for me personally the emotions that surfaced were amplified a thousand fold.  As we are told over and over again, this is “all good.”  Our souls came here to learn and experience, which is great, but it is tough enough in a physical body to work through it all, at times.  Time out for a while, nurturing and looking after ourselves, letting go of self-judgement, criticism and fear will recharge the batteries and off we go again!!  Onwards and Upwards we go!      
I have six children – five boys and one girl.  What an amazing bunch of human beings.  They love life, have loads of fun and at the same time are able to deal with their ups and downs in a grounded, no-nonsense way with both parents as back-up when needed.   I am not sure how much of their growth I have influenced but I will say , “it’s in the genes” rings true. 

I have been working on a lot of the negativity and lower emotions that has come down through my paternal family line.  For now that is all I have been shown, so of course, there are many other ancestral scripts at play that my children and extended family are working on I am sure.  I am delighted to see the negativity clearing and bringing forth the bright light of positivity, laughter and fun.  Our ancestors lived their lives as best they could in the times they chose to incarnate.   We are all living our lives as best we can -  learning, teaching and working through the steps to what we came on Earth to fulfill.  We are letting go of the fear and “what will the people think” mentality, slowly but surely.  We are tying up loose ends that our ancestors left undone.  It is both an emotional and an exciting task. It is good to know this, it helps to know that there is a bigger purpose to what we see playing out on this physical plane.  Most people don't know this yet, but over time they will find their teachers and uncover some of their reasons for being on Earth, which is a very exciting thought indeed.  

For those of you who have children, never underestimate yourselves.  The first part of your soul’s contract is to bring life to these souls.  How else would they get onto Earth?? They chose their parents too before incarnating – believe it or not!!

I always recommend a book called Spirit Babies by Walter Makichen when I speak about children and soul contracts.  He was a therapist and his gift expanded to being able to see the children who were to be born to parents and communicate with them, receiving insight into why they weren’t on earth yet and what information was needed before they arrived.   It is well worth a read especially if you have had a miscarriage, an abortion, are trying to conceive or simply want to bring a child into the best energy for them and you. 

Different families have different soul contracts of course.  I am sure all of us who are here on earth at the moment are first of all healing ancestral legacies and clearing the old mind-sets.  Some, like myself, are consciously working their way through this.  Most are working through it being guided by their higher selves but not consciously knowing that it is a path they agreed to walk.  Our children have come on earth to help us with this too.  It is fascinating to watch it unfold.  It is also humbling and awesome, (meaning that  I am always in awe of the bigger picture).  It brings huge feelings of gratitude and love for all of these souls in my soul group and our contracts together. 

How long does this ancestral healing take?  I really don’t know.  Is there a time to call a halt and tell the ancestors “I’ve done all that I can”?  I have done that many times and they have told me “it is done, Mary”.  Of course, from their level, “it is done” because there is no time where they are but, to me, there is more to do.  I have a driving urge to continue, to have more of my questions answered. I think just to know this, is enough, at this time,  living each day to the best of our ability, sifting and sorting through what surfaces as we move forward. There is no reason to push ourselves forcefully forward with it anymore.  I have done this in the past and have achieved a lot. I do know I had to fast track with it, to be doing what I do today,  but I know that I now just have to go with the flow not pushing forward and digging deeper and deeper into their past.  

So I guess what they say is correct – it is done!!  I know, personally, it is time for me to have some fun!!  I love doing what I do, it excites me and I have fun seeing the paths unfold, but we must also remember that we are physical beings and laughter, get-togethers and enjoyment is also part of our journey.  Balance is key.  

I started off writing above about the timing of my daughter’s wedding.  In 1988 I attended my brother in law’s wedding in March too.  It was on 12th.  I was around 11 weeks pregnant (there’s that number again!!).  We had a great day at the wedding and danced a lot.  As far as I can remember, it was on the Monday night/Tuesday morning after the wedding which would have been 15th that I started to miscarry.  It was very frightening.  Off to the hospital we went where they told me that they thought I had had a full miscarriage by my description of what had happened at home before arriving at the hospital.  Thankfully before following up with any of their recommended procedures the lady doctor decided to do a scan.  It was a full view scan of the womb and she was stunned at what she saw.  “What is that?” she asked me.  I said “well, it looks like a baby.”  There he was floating around, with arms and legs in my womb, not having gone anywhere!!! I could feel this gush of love flowing through me and a determination to bring this child into the world even though, to be quite honest, I hadn’t been impressed to be pregnant again so soon.  My first son was just 3 and my daughter wasn’t a year old yet.  So it was bed rest for a week in the hospital and my son was born in Sept 1988.  He is now married to a lovely girl and they are growing together and sharing their gifts for their mutual benefits and that of the world at large and are living in USA. 

The days and dates are the same this year (2016) as in 1988.  That is, the 11th was on a Friday in both years.  I have learned since that I did actually miscarry a little girl on that morning, 15th March 1988.  This date happens to be the birthday of a very important soul in the bigger picture of my ancestral healing, my past lives and twin flame path.  Nothing goes amiss, no stone is left unturned and there are no coincidences!

My daughter arrived in a dream one night a few years ago.  It took me a while to understand who she was but when the penny dropped I was in awe once again at how our messages arrive.  So I had a clear picture of her in my mind.  A few months later, I was gobsmacked when I turned the page of a Doreen Virtue calendar and there she was!!! It took me back a bit but when I got to grips with it, I understood that she is helping us from where she is now and is our angel.  It was her way of showing us in a physical, gentle way that she is around us.  I am sure she has more to say to us or to help us with, so I am looking forward to connecting with her in whatever way it unfolds. 

In February of this year (2016), a cousin arrived home from Canada for a visit.  She gifted me with a diary that she hadn’t used.  There were angel messages in it so she knew I would like it.  Once again my jaw fell open.  There was the girl from the calendar on the front cover of this diary.  My daughter works like my paternal grandmother – she doesn’t pop up often, but when she does, it is profound!! Lots of conversations and emotions surfaced during that visit, so my daughter in spirit was showing me that she was with me.  

Another unreal happening during those days was that Mary Magdalene showed her presence through a statue of herself in a hotel of all places – the Greville Arms in Mullingar. I love Mary Magdalene and Jesus of course, the truest of twin flames.   I have to go in and take some pictures the next time I am there.  It was all so unbelievably spiritual in the midst of living this physical life and feeling deep emotions.  I am indeed very grateful that they find all of these ways to show me that they are around me. 

Lastly, I received a little pressie from one of my sons last night.  Here is a picture of it and it meant so much to me.  Firstly that he actually saw it in a shop.  It is so small.  Secondly that he knew I would like it and thirdly that he acknowledged my spiritual work  in this way.  I have received angel gifts from my children over the years but somehow this one was different.  I hadn’t seen this son in a while and with time differences and work we didn’t interact much over the internet.  So this is very special and the back of the medal/coin is as significant as the front.  I truly am blessed and grateful.                                                      

On that note I will finish for now.   I hope to be writing more often and to finish at least one of my books over the next few months.  Writing is something that I cannot force.  I have to wait until it is flowing even though advice from other authors is to put the head down and force through the writing block!!  I will indeed remember my latest quote on the blog before this one – “Gratefully accept any teaching that comes your way. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest, in the full knowledge that at a later date, if and when you need what you left behind, it will be brought to you again through your thoughts or by a different teacher. Nothing goes amiss.  Mary Keena Donnellan. 

I may tidy that quote up and then again I may not.  The sentences are very long but that is what flowed on the day and I felt that I had to write it as it came.  I may one day realise that those teachers are indeed correct, but I prefer to remember Dr Wayne Dyer’s journey.  He said that it was as if a Higher Force was flowing through him onto the page, it just flowed!  Wayne’s writings and videos stir great love within me, for this journey, for the rewards and for the difference we all make to this world, whether quietly or putting ourselves out there more! 

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Love and Light to you all.  See you next time xxx


  1. Lovely Mary, thanks for sharing all this with us....this eclipse is a powerful time for sure, not a point in time we will ever forget ...xx