Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Distant services from Angels' Love and Light.

Contact me for methods of payments if what I offer doesn't suit.  I can send you an invoice which may work better for you.  
In-depth email reading.  

In this reading our angels send me the messages that you need to receive to help you on your way to your next step.  Before choosing any cards, I tune into Spirit and ask for any words or visions that they might like to draw to your attention.  I then follow up by using many cards from many decks, and receive intuitive messages as I write.  There may be added help with book recommendations, nutritional help, therapists in your area, shops or websites that may help, lots of teaching and information aswell as your messages.  It is a very informative and helpful reading.  I feel that it is more beneficial by email, but that may be because I haven't done an in-depth video one yet, but will offer them too.  This can also be ordered as a reading over the phone (to Ireland only unless you yourself have international calls for free or at reduced rate for you.)

I charge € 33.33 for this in-depth reading. Payable through the shopping cart on right side of page.  

Being a twin flame myself, I have been avoiding the label of twin flame because no one is any more special than anyone else, no path is any more special than another path.  I am finding though that there is a big interest in twin flames and many people are being helped by searching for information on twin flames.  So here goes.  I am now offering twin flame readings.  I would like you to watch my YouTube video on this first, before ordering.  (30th July). I am offering them in both email, video, audio, phone (as above) and in-person at any of the prices of general readings.  Thank you.  When paying, enter twin flame in the description box.  

Your own PERSONAL horoscope reading, like what I do on YouTube plus a personal channel (words, message or song) by video, audio (cloud) or email.  Just €11.11 per month or €50 for 6 months.  Use the 11.11 or 50 options through PayPal (and let me know what you are ordering) at the right hand side of my website or I will send you an invoice on request.  
I am also offering a mid month top up to my monthly YouTube star sign readings.  I deliver a video link to your email address on 15th of the month and will just cost you €5.55.  It will be the same format, general reading for the particular star sign and length as my monthly YouTube reading, a nice, good value check in for you mid month.   I can send you an invoice which you can pay by credit or debit card or paypal balance or you can send the payment to my paypal email address marylindaliz@gmail.com  I haven't got a tab for it in my drop down services menu.   

I also offer €11.11 readings as a taster or a check in to where you are on your path, by email. Payable at the right side of the page by PayPal or credit/debit card.  

NEW (15 minutes) Readings by private video link sent or audio to your email address.  Focus on one area of life or general reading.  €22.22. Follow up chat and questions via email.  Payable through shopping cart on the right by PayPal or credit/debit card or by invoice from me. This is the video about the readings

Also my 10 day daily reading to your email, audio or by video link.  I go where I am guided with this too.  Each day I will feel which deck I need to go to, and either write what I receive or send it by video or audio link to your email address.  Very good value. As usual I give all that I get, no skimping!! A 10 day reading is €33.33.  I can facilitate a shorter or longer number of days.  Just ask!! marylindaliz@gmail.com  

GIFT VOUCHERS are available in paper form or by email for any amount you wish.  

Special offers from time to time on my facebook page and updated here.  

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