Sunday, 3 April 2016


I was trying to go to sleep one night last week but couldn't.  I decided to connect with my guides and angels and took part in a conversation with them which ended with this channeled message.  It was very weird and "came from nowhere" sort of feeling.  So here goes.  I feel that it is important.  I have been watching readings and other videos and scripted messages since and they all link in.  The planet and other people need our help.  There may be some fear energy on earth so practicing this exercise daily will be of help to you and others.

APRIL is FEEL THE LOVE month.  Find the love within, feel it, let it flow through you, to every part of your body.  
Breathe in the love, blow out the love.  
Send and receive love through your heart.  
Practice this daily.  
Speak your love.  Write your love.  
Love yourself, love others, pass on the love.  
Make love your priority.  
We need more love on Earth and it starts with YOU.  
Happy Love Month.  

I have spoken on my April horoscope readings about how to visualise bringing in the love down through your crown chakra to every part of your body, which in itself is healing for your body and then sending it out with your intention, your heart and/or your hands to the earth, a situation or a specific person.  

So love and light to you and you can write this message down, post it, share it, whatever you feel drawn to, as if we all did this for a month, never mind for the rest of our lives, we could move mountains, break down walls and bring more high energy to Earth.  Happy Love Month xx Mary

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