Monday, 4 April 2016

Beautiful Swans.

The swan's message is grace and beauty.  In Celtic tradition the swan represents the soul.  A Shaman once told me it is also symbolism for the ancestors.  There were eight swans outside my house one New year's Eve.  I happened to be "working with" the ancestors in putting together the family tree and sharing happenings that I had found on my journey, with the rest of the family.  I needed grace and courage to share it as alot of it was information received from the ancestors in the way they had taught me how to understand their messages!!

The following video was taken in a little town in the West of Ireland, called Mountbellew which is in County Galway.   It is 30 miles inland from Galway city.  It is 17 miles from Tuam on one side and Ballinasloe on the other!  It is 20 miles from Roscommon.

It is bordered on one side by a forest into which there are several entrances.  Whichever one you take you will be happy that you did.  My most favourite entrance is beside Cunningham's Costcutter Supermarket as you enter the town from the Tuam side.  The scenery there is fantastic.  This is the entrance that I took on March 9th when I took the video I will post now.  I took many photographs on other walks there which are posted on my website on a special page/tab called Mountbellew, Co Galway photos.  There are other entrances behind the church, down the Ballinahattina Road and opposite the Forest View housing estate which brings you down to the Old Forge, which is open to the public during the summer on specific days.  The river Shiven flows through the town and through the forest too.

In Mountbellew there is everything you need for a visit there.  Shops, restaurants, public houses, bed and breakfasts, clothes shops, dry cleaners, solicitors, chemists, supermarkets, vegetables shop, tropical ice cream and drinks, Charity shop, chinese restaurant, Chip shop, Pizza, garage, petrol station, butchers, hairdressers, barbers, doctors, auctioneers, optician, physiotherapist, gift shops, post office, bank, credit union, dry cleaners, veterinary clinics, Catholic church, primary, secondary schools and Franciscan Brothers Agricultural college and much more.  Music on Saturday nights. For a small town it has everything really.

This is a short video but worth playing over and over.  Love and Light to you all.  I will post more videos and writings over time.  If you would like to be notified when I upload my blogs please fill in your email address in the "follow by email" box to the right hand side of website.  Thank you xx

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