Saturday, 30 April 2016


We are here on earth to learn and grow, to expand and think outside the box. We are here to learn how to stop repeating the same ways of doing and being, which get us to the same place over and over again which aren't the best places for us. We are here to learn from our experiences and share our knowledge with others. We are here to help each other, to lift each other.

This man lost both his parents to cancer and chemo plus other family members. He became very passionate about finding other ways and was astounded and delighted to find out that there are many other ways already researched and up and running. I, myself, have known most of this information for years but people tend to veer towards experts and professionals, so here we go, all in one place, nine videos FREE with different titles for your further learning and expansion. Information on food, especially refined sugar.

A young girl who could barely walk, used homeopathy to turn around her cancer who is now helping others keep healthy in UK. A girl who used essential oils. Changing diet is important and we hear it over and over again. We all know what's good for us but....... We've got our physical body which we need to treat well. We also have our mental body, our mind, our thoughts which we've got to keep well too. Letting go of fear and negative thoughts. Mindfullness, meditation, nature, swimming, animals are all good places to start. We've got our emotional body too which contributes to illness if emotions aren't expressed and cleared out of your body. Emotions are stored in liver, kidneys, heart, pancreas, everywhere. Speaking and writing your emotions, crying, punching the pillow 😊 will help. Pretending that you don't have lower emotions isn't helpful. Feel them and let them out.

Finally our spiritual body, our knowledge that there is a higher power working within us, around us, with others and learning to trust this. Each of us is responsible for all of these bodies of ours, not anyone outside ourselves. There are lots of people with expertise who can help you learn how to keep these bodies clear and working well, but you yourself are in charge of the maintenance. It doesn't have to be a big difficult experience, but being aware of how you treat yourself, how all these bodies are functioning will open you up to a new way of being and doing if you're feeling " there has to be more to life"! Are you worth the effort?
My link for you free is username marylindaliz password is mullingar is another informative website I've most of the books on this site if anyone would like to borrow them. Philip comes to speak in Ireland most years. I always share the link.
Louise Hay's You can Heal your Life book will guide you on emotions.
An Irish friend who had cancer wrote a book. She combined traditional with natural therapies. A Peaceful Mind by Bernie Kirwan.
Another friend USA wrote about her son's journey with cancer and her part in it too of course. Beyond the Immediate by Tina Marie.
Bernadette Bohan is Irish too and combined traditional with natural therapies. Her book is called The Choice.

The Journey by Brandon Bays is a digging deep into emotions book.  

Margaret Brazil in When Spirits Hold my Hand shifted her mass of cancer cells to make it easier for them to be removed by the doctors, by using visualisations and total trust that she could shift it.  

There have been people researching and learning for years to bring new information forward.  I for one am very grateful that the fear word is gone out of illness for me.  

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