Sunday, 24 April 2016

Signs we see.

While driving the other day I was gently mulling over a situation. As we know we are always receiving signs from the universe, loved ones in spirit and our angels. I spied a van with the following slogan. BEHIND THE SCENES, PEACE OF MIND. 

It is amazing how the Universe can organise all of this.  How was that van there at that time, just on time for me to see it and remind me that this is so - Spirit is working behind the scenes with and for us all of the time.  Just because things or life doesn't look the way you want it to look, doesn't mean that "there is nothing happening".  There sure is.  

Remember everything is in Divine Order and will materialise in Divine Timing, when everyone involved is ready.  Whether it is a job, a relationship or something else, everything and everyone has to be in the right place at the right time in the vibration they need to be in!! 

Chill, relax and leave it to the Universe for now!!  

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