Sunday, 2 October 2016

Our four bodies.

We, as human beings are much more than our physical bodies.  We also have a mental body, an emotional body and a spiritual body.  All of these together are called the energetic body.  When we make a change in any one of the bodies, the energy around and within us changes.  So for example, changing our diet changes the physical body, which in turn helps the mental body (the thoughts and mind), and the emotions also change, we feel better all over.   They are all linked together and intertwine with each other, so one little change on any level affects the whole person that we are!! It truly is amazing. 

As we relax and meditate, the whole energy changes for us.  Imagine what one more little change on any other level could do for us?  Building one by one these changes, easily and calmly, could change our lives for the better. 

Speaking about energy.  Everything outside of ourselves is also energy, so clearing out clutter around us in our houses and work spaces, is also clearing energy, helping our mood and our own energy too.  Connecting with nature helps our energies.  Trees, plants, flowers, water are energetic beings too.  Seeing from a bird’s eye view, we are all energy and all connected to each other as one big body of energy!! So what we do for ourselves to help our own energy, helps those around us too.  And the ripple effect happens; the energy ripples out like when a stone is thrown into the lake.  So it is worth working on all of our bodies keeping ourselves healthy, at peace, in joy, love and happiness.  Like everything else, being aware of how it all works, is interesting, helpful and exciting to see how it will all unfold. 

Our spiritual body is just pure love.  Love like we have never experienced on earth so far.  But we can experience this love by bettering ourselves on every level, clearing out old beliefs and ways of being that don’t serve us anymore – especially those that bring us to a place of fear. 

I, at this stage, now look on challenges, illness, anxiety, body issues as opportunities for growth and learning, stepping stones to become clearer on the bigger picture of life.  Facing our fears and finding new ways of overcoming these challenges and acquiring new information that we hadn’t known before is what these challenges do for us.  It seems that is what we came to earth for – to learn, grow and be new!

Love and Light xx 

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