Thursday, 9 March 2017

Learning to use Fairy Cards course.

I have had enquiries about making this course available to those who cannot travel to me, so I am making a series of videos

For those of you who would like to take part in my video teachings on learning to use fairy cards, we will be using the Healing with the Fairies deck. If you don't have them I would advise when you purchase them, to wait until you start working your way through the course, to open them. For those who already have them I will be sharing some more in-depth meanings for some of the cards.
There are seven videos in the course. Each link will be sent to your email address. You then work your way through each one at your own pace. The videos can be watched over and over, as you need them.
The first one is a welcome message. Second is a meditation to meet your guide/s who will be working with you through the course. Number 3 is learning how to clear the card's energy. Number 4 is putting your own energy and intention into your cards. Numbers 5 and 6 are readings and number 7 is teaching some deeper meanings which I've learned for some of the cards. I haven't recorded them all yet, but will take bookings from today.
The cost of the course is €35 payable through PayPal by my website, the first option on the drop down menu to the right hand side of the website. I can send you an invoice to your email address if you don't have a PayPal account. I will also accept money orders/cheques through the post or Western Union payments. I think that covers all eventualities so please don't hesitate to ask. 

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