Monday, 30 July 2018

Bodily signs

Isn't it interesting how our bodies give us signs of what is happening beneath the surface, in our subconscious, in our energy field? 

I've got hives.  I haven't had a big outbreak of hives for many years. 

Of course I checked Louise Hay's teachings and it said
"Small hidden fears.  Mountains out of molehills"

Yes indeed, I used to make mountains out of molehills with my fear of what could happen, the "what ifs", seeing a fearful future that more often than not, didn't manifest!! So I do not do that anymore but I would think that there are small hidden fears still in my energy. 

Last night then I had a dream to add to these hives.  The dream was about not wanting to finish the final two years of school and definitely not wanting to go to college!! Then my laptop was stolen and money too.  But the two houses that I was in when objects were stolen were two storey houses but in reality they are bungalows.  So I guess something to do with my higher self and my lower self!!! I was on the ground floor of each house when my stuff was stolen from the top floor!!

I figure that our higher connection was stolen through fear being instilled in us, through all of the lower energies, doubt, low self-esteem, self-criticism, taking what others do and say personally, listening to religious teachings that instilled fear into us, listening to fearful predictions by governments, financial institutions etc. 

Further in the dream I received guidance from a lady who was near me and she told me that she had just heard a song on the radio called "Find Your Joy".  So that is the big message.  When you find your mind running away with itself into a place of fear or any other lower energy, find your joy.  It takes practice, but turn off the mind chatter, breathe and find something to put a smile on your face.  Do what you love to do.  Follow your hobbies even if you think you are wasting time and not being constructive.  We need a balance of work, rest and play in life.  What brings a smile to your face?  What makes you laugh?  Where do you like to be?  Whose company do you like?  What brings you to a place of joy, happiness and peace?  Do more of it. 

There is alot going on in the world at the moment.  By keeping your energy balanced you will be able to send out that energy to mother earth and to other people.  We are all so connected.  You can do your part by keeping yourself in a state of inner peace and joy.  Also in that state you will receive inspiration and guidance to further help others, further be who you are here to be, so never underestimate your journey, your life.  It is very important.  You are part of the universe and part of the unfolding of a better, more peaceful and balanced world, so find your joy!!

Synchronistically then of course, I chose a card for my social media pages and what did I get from the Ascended Masters deck?  Power of Joy!! There is a picture of a buddha laughing his head off.  The Ascended Master is Maitraya.  Interesting, I have just googled him and I find that it is spelled Maitreya and that there is a wedding venue and retreat place in Australia spelled Maitraya. 

I will leave you each to research him if you feel the need.  There are alot of articles on him. 

Love, peace, joy and happiness to you, on your journey.  xx Mary

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