Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Hen Party Packages

I am available to offer my services at your event in any part of Ireland.  I will travel from my destination for free for the first 40 kms.  After that I will have to charge €1 per km due to the cost of rising petrol prices.  I have two packages outlined below but if there is any other way that you would prefer, of course I will be willing to work with you on this to fit in with your schedule.  

There are no predictions in my readings as I believe that each person co-creates with the universe the life that is right for them.  There are certain events predestined but for the most part your desires, urges, interests and free will bring you along your path.  Angel readings also help with emotions and past experiences that may not have gone so well for you bringing a new, higher perspective to those happenings and help you move forward in a new, lighter, happier way.  

Package 1 - A group reading, teaching and meditation.  Your group will gather and I will choose cards to give general readings and teachings to the group as a whole. Each person will be able to apply these messages to their own personal life because your guides, angels and loved ones will want to make sure that everyone receives what they need on the day.  I will answer questions that you may have as we go along too.  You are also welcome to take notes.  I will also have some print outs to hand out to you on whatever I am guided to address.  Spirit will be working with me from the time you book until the actual day of the event.  We will end with a group guided meditation which will be very calming, enlightening and relaxing.  (If I have some of my books or some decks of cards in stock I will have them for sale on the day also but this isn't always possible.)

The charge for this package is €30 per person.  If anyone would like to follow up with a personal reading to your email address during the following week, I will offer this for €15 (it is usually €30).   My email address is marylindaliz@gmail.com and if you want to contact me in any other way, all of my details are on my contact page on my website.  https://www.angeliclifeguidance.com/p/blog-page.html   I will require a non-refundable deposit of €50 payable to https://paypal.me/angelsloveandlight on booking the event.  Thank you.  

Package 2 - This package would really be for smaller groups over the course of a day or into the evening as I would be spending 30 minutes with each person.  It possibly would be suitable for the second day of a weekend event when people are relaxing with no planned schedule of events. 

I would offer one to one 30 minute readings.  This is a more personal reading than a group reading and each person will have time to chat and understand the messages that come through, more fully.  Messages will bring to light situations that you need to be aware of that may need some healing or just to become aware of what is going on in your subconscious and what may be holding you up along your path.  New perspectives on your mission here on earth too can be brought forward.  I do know that whatever your higher self, angels, guides and loved ones who have passed want you to hear, will be brought to you in your reading. 

The charge for this package is €30 per persona and you will receive a written synopsis that I will write as we go along.  If you would like to follow up with me on your reading and also receive a further personal reading either in the following week or maybe two to four weeks later, I will offer this for €15 (it is usually €30).  My email address is marylindaliz@gmail.com and if you want to contact me in any other way, all of my details are on my contact page on my website https://www.angeliclifeguidance.com  I will require a €50 non-refundable deposit to https;//www.paypal.me/angelsloveandlight  on booking the event.   Thank you. 

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