Thursday, 24 January 2019

My photographs on products

This is a page where I uploaded some of my photographs of the beautiful scenery in Ireland and UK plus some flowers, trees and other knick-knacks.

Available are bags, laptop bags, phone covers, cushions, clocks, tee shirts, greeting cards, notebooks, mugs, travel cups, mini skirts (which I think are very cute, if you are into them!!).

Here are some specific pages for you to browse.

Scenery photos first  This is a photo I took in Roundstone, Connemara, Co Galway in June 2011, on a bag.  All of the photos look really well on the bags, in my opinion.  There is a choice of three sizes.

This is Roundstone in October 2018 on a little purse.pouch.  There are three sizes of this too.  Details are on the page, sizes and what would fit in each one!!

This is the view from the house I stayed in October 2018 in Enniscrone, Co Sligo.  Fabulous beach in the distance, my most favourite place on earth!!  This is on a cushion cover, available in three sizes as a cover or cushion and cover.  All photos are available on all products.  So scroll down the Redbubble pages, at the end you are shown more photos to choose from and click to choose products.

I will post one last scenery photo from Connemara, rugged area.  Most beautiful.  On a canvas print and there are four sizes.

One beautiful flower photo now and there are a few.  Looks good on the mini skirt!!

A simple leaf on the ground looks great on a mug.

And finally a vibrant yellow flower on a ladies top.

There are lots more products and lots more photos to have on them!  Happy browsing!

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