Tuesday, 6 August 2019

today's update. 6th Aug

 The universe works in strange ways and I am totally fine with the flow and what occurs. I don't have a phone for now. It has been blinking for a few months really but this morning the bottom half went totally black so I couldn't see to enter my pin. It is in for repair for between 5 to 10 days so I am not sure about videos being made, I will see what I can learn about my laptop. I am also doing a juice cleanse on Thurs, Fri and Sat so being offline may be part of the cleansing too  I am looking after a cat too and that is going fine. I was a bit anxious yesterday but we are friends now and she trusts me so we are ok!! Anyway I love the unexpected and I feel this is bigger than a body cleanse which I love, love, love!! I am available for email readings for the moment. I better not say that I am available for Skype or phone readings. Who knows what state I will be in?  Anyway you know where to find me, I will be online on my laptop xxxx

Today is my maternal grandmother's anniversary too.  That was the first biggest upheavel in my life.  I remember lying on her bed crying and banging my fist.  It was so painful.  She and I were so close.  I was only 9.  1968.  Anyway I know she is around me, but I do know that she isn't my biggest helper.  My father's father has been my strongest guide and although I have never met him, I love and respect him so much.  Life is amazing really.  There is so much more than we could possibly see or comprehend, happening and many bigger reasons why we are here.  

Love and light to you all
xx Mary

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