Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Updates at Angeliclifeguidance!!

I have closed my Twitter, LinkedIn and Gumroad accounts.  I will be transferring all Gumroad ancestral teachings, lucky dip readings, meditations and audio of my Coincidences book over onto Patreon.  They will be made available to those who have signed up over there.  Patreon is great value, for any amount from $1 upwards per month, you can avail of all that I offer over there.  I do not differentiate between the amounts of the offerings.  Every teaching and sharing is available to all Patrons. I am grateful for every little that I receive.  It helps me greatly.  Thank you.  Patreon link/button is to the right of this website.  If you would like to pop your email address in the space provided to the right, so that you receive updates of when I post here, google will automatically send you notifications of my posts. 

That will be my main platform from now on.  YouTube will be my second one and Facebook (Angels' Love and Light) my third one.  The next most important one will be my Mary from Ireland Products and Services page and my Readers of Books page on Facebook. 

I have a special offer on email readings up to the end of September.  €40 which will consist of 3 to 4 pages of guidance, cards, intuitive messages, recommendations of tools, books, other teachers,  and practical help on how to move forward from where you are now, into a new, better, more peaceful and happy life. 

I think that is it for now.  I may be starting a meditation class, weekly in Enniscrone in late September.  My accommodation up there isn't available now until September 15th so everything is pushed back a bit.  The universe knows best!! Love to you all.  Thank you for being here.  Love and Light xx Mary

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