Monday, 16 March 2020

Email following

Hi everyone,
I have no idea how many of you are "following by email" and being contacted by Google when I write a new post. 

What I want to know is do you need me to share positives and other spiritual messages from other teachers here?  I post on Facebook, Angels/ Love and Light, click on the Facebook button on my website to get to that. 

I also make videos on YouTube , button on my website too. 

If you are on neither of those platforms and want me to share my posts here, please let me know, that is if you don't have other people to follow.  If you do that is perfectly fine because I don't need to be repeating myself and others' messages over and over.  It takes time too!!

I am offering personal donation readings if you are in need of personal help, guidance and reassurance.  a quick link to pay through PayPal or credit/debit card.  Thank you all.  Stay safe and spread the calm, peaceful, helpful energy.  We have been prepared for this and we can do it. 

Love and Light
xx Mary

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