Monday, 14 September 2020

2021 readings

My 2021 readings are available for purchase now. A beautiful client has kindly given me permission to share her reading. Thank you, Maria. This is the link on YouTube to give you an idea of how a reading would unfold.

I can do a reading like the above client reading covering three months at a time for a charge of €45 (returning customer on the drop-down menu of my website) or month by month whenever you feel drawn for a charge of €20 a month.

My website is and my email address is if you would like to let me know which reading you are purchasing. This can also be done in the payment process on PayPal. A short way to order is through my quick PayPal link too

If you would like me to send you an invoice just drop me an email and I will pop it to your email address. Any questions just drop an email. Thank you all.

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