2021 Readings

 My 2021 readings are available for purchase now. I will send these by private video link. They will be filmed just like my YouTube videos.

The first choice is a reading covering three months at a time for a charge of €80. I will choose a theme card for each month and build on that focusing on each month in-depth. I will be choosing many cards from many decks with intuitive messages along the way and maybe some questions to ask yourself too!! Please order about two or more weeks before the beginning of the three months so that you will receive the video before the beginning of the period you are asking for guidance on. If you are ordering all 4 quarters all together there will be a discount of €20 leaving the payment €300.

The second choice is a monthly reading for a charge of €40 a month. You can order as many or as few as you like, all together or one at a time, just one or two, or all twelve months. It is totally up to you, whenever you feel drawn to ask for guidance. There will be a single video for each month. Just order about two weeks before the beginning of the month to make sure you receive it before the new month begins. I will choose a theme card for the month and build from there. If you are ordering twelve readings all together there will be a discount of €30 leaving the total as €450.

The third choice is either of the readings on a one to one basis on Skype, WhatsApp video, Facebook video, Zoom etc.  Our energies combined even without cards will be healing, empowering and transforming.  These will be €100 and €60.     

A short way to order is through my quick PayPal link https://www.paypal.me/AngelsLoveandLight or use the drop-down menu to the right-hand side of my website. If you would like me to send you an invoice instead of either of those options, just drop me an email marylindaliz@gmail.com and I will pop it to your email address. Any questions just drop an email. Thank you all.

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