Ancestral Healing Services

I offer an ancestral healing email or video reading at €30. It is a shorter reading than the in-depth reading and uses just the ancestral healing deck.  Payable through PayPal or through the drop-down menu to the right of my website or email me to send you an invoice. Thank you.  

For longer email and video readings incorporating the ancestral path, the charge is the same as the general and twin flame readings - €50 (10% discount for returning clients - €45).   All payable in advance.  Thank you. 

Available now a series of video teachings on the ancestral and personal path using the Wood You Believe deck by Jim Cogley (shown above).  There are thirteen videos in the series.  I read each card and give examples of instances in my own life where the messages resonate and what I have learned on the topic.  I share a lot of my own inner journey and stories from my own personal and ancestral journey so far.  

I have made public one of the videos as a sample of how they unfold.  This is the link.  

If you feel you would like to purchase one or all of them, payment can be made through the drop-down menu to the right-hand side of my website.  The price for one video is €5 and €50 for all 13.  

The captions of the videos are as follows - length of videos in brackets. 
1.  Family Tree, Ancestral Scripts and Legacies.   (27.54)
2.  Lifting the lid on family secrets, climbing out of the negative family patterns.  (30.47)
3.  Aggression, Passivity and Passive Aggressive.   (13.08)
4.  Emotional Expression and Literacy, Childhood Conditioning and Inner Child (25.30)
5.  Ties that Bind, Codependency, Reading from Onwards and Upwards.  (23.39)
6.  Anger, Fear, Shame, Guilt, Mistakes and Forgiveness.   (25.03)
7.  Womb twin, Unborn Life, Loss and Recovery.   (30.21)
8.  Relationships, Suffering, Shadow, Mirrors, Self-Emergence.  (19.09)
9.  Romance, Love, Marriage, Time and Openness to Spirit.   (23.47)
10. Centred in Self, Intimacy, Integration and Insight.  (5.55)
11. Meditation, Interiority, Inner Life, Reflection, Isolation, Mutual Embrace.  (13.57)
12. Defects, Self-Acceptance, Shyness, Assertiveness.   (16.28)
13. Transformation, Post Trauma Stress, Denial, Stuck, Perception, Influence, Interplay of Life, Balance, Giving and Receiving.   (34.46)

Thank you.  Ancestral healing is well worth working on.  It helps heal seven generations back and seven generations forward and leaves you feeling lighter too!!  

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