Contact details 

Telephone 353877713956  (0877713956)
To purchase readings or services and make donations
if you feel guided.  Thank you.
This is my main social media page where I
upload links to my YouTube videos, offer free
choice posts to receive messages, upload positive
posts from other pages, and share some of my life and
journey with my followers.
My page with all of my photos as I journey around
Ireland and sometimes UK and other countries.
This is my books page.  Sharing on books that
I have read. @AngelsLoveLight
My twitter page is linked to my angels love
and light facebook page.  I don't use twitter much
other than that.
I love making my weekly videos.  These are free to watch.

Thank you in advance for any donations that you wish to forward
through the donate button on my website.  I do not receive any
payments from YouTube due to the low numbers of watch time!!
This is my YouTube channel called Twin Flame Ireland and UK.  I upload
videos specifically for people who want twin flame guidance.  I concentrate
on the person viewing because the twin flame journey is about YOU, not
what your divine partner is doing or not doing!!
This is a site where I have uploaded some short MP3's, videos etc
to teach and also some meditations.  Very reasonable to try them.
I upload cards and "coincidences" on instagram and also photos of my travels.
Here I mainly share my YouTube videos but on and off I post whatever other
Thoughts come to me.
Mainly about coincidences and messages through what I see and
hear and my book Coincidences..or are they?
This is a donation site where you may donate a set
figure monthly or a set figure each time I upload content.
Either way I am very grateful for any offering in thanks
for my services.


  1. Hi Mary,

    Do you have a "Personal" email @ as I would like to speak to you or write an email to you personally as to what I would like "My questions"from your indept email reading at €28.28!. You are a "Breath of fresh air" to have "Stumbled" across you today for the first time. Have not had a "You Tube" irish person in all the readings I have looked at and personal readers I have had reading from. Would really like to talk to you firstly.

    Thank you for reading my request.

    Mary Cannon

  2. Hi Mary, Yes my email address is Thank you so much for your comments. I love what I do and am glad that Spirit are guiding people to "stumble" across me, as I have stumbled across others on my own journey. Love and Light to you xx Mary