Distance Services.

Contact me for methods of payments if what I offer doesn't suit.  I can send you an invoice which may work better for you. Just ask me on marylindaliz@gmail.com  I have an easy PayPal link for PayPal users.  Prices are below with description of readings. https://www.paypal.me/angelsloveandlight 
Thank you so much.  

Email or video reading.  

In this reading, our angels send me the messages that you need to receive to help you on your way to your next step.  Before choosing any cards, in the longer in-depth reading, I tune into Spirit and ask for any words, sentences or visions that they might like to draw to your attention.  I then follow up by using many cards from many decks and receive intuitive messages as I write or speak.  There may be added help with book recommendations, nutritional help, therapists in your area, shops or websites that may help, lots of teaching and information as well as your messages.  It is a very informative and helpful reading.  By email or video.  

This reading is € 45 (10% discount for returning clients) for an in-depth reading. I also accept Western Union or postal/money orders through the post.  


Skype and Phone readings - €45(10% discount for returning clients) for Skype readings.  

I can also offer national and international phone readings for €45 (10% discount for returning clients).  Both to be paid in advance.  For the international readings, I can facilitate one per month if I am calling you, otherwise if you are calling me I will, of course, be available for you.  I am available for national readings at any time during the month and I can call you if you don't have free calls.  Payment in advance please, before phone chats, readings, connections.  Thank you. 

I also offer a short check-in email or video reading for €22.22 which has a page of its own on my website.  



Also available are ancestral healing email readings at €30 each. They have a separate page on this website too. They bring guidance about what may be underlying family situations or why a pattern is repeating in families or in your own life. Thank you.  https://www.paypal.me/angelsloveandlight or ask me to send you an invoice - marylindaliz@gmail.com

For other teachings and daily readings check out Patreon.  For a small monthly donation you have access to everything that I share over there.  https://www.patreon.com/user?u=997493

Check out ancestral healing, twin flame and distance packages pages for more distant services.  


Special offers from time to time on my facebook page and updated here.  


  1. Hey!
    I'm interested in doing the twin flame reading. What can I expect from that reading?
    Thanks :)

  2. Hi Utopica, You can expect a channelled message first of all and then I choose cards focusing on twin flame connection and give you the messages I receive through them. I will know what direction the reading is taking and what the cards mean in context with each other. My readings seem to be changing so I would advise follow up contact with me which is part of my service too. You will also receive guidance on what you need to do for yourself to clear any issues that need to be cleared before twin flame reunion.