Emergency Reading

If you need an emergency reading or chat to help you move forward out of anxiety, worry, fear, stress or just need to know what you need to be aware of at this time quickly, I will be available to you within 36 hours of you ordering your reading.  The best way is one to one Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom etc video so that we can chat over and back.  Follow up chat or email correspondence is included if you need to chat further about the situation or the reading. 

The second option is by email.  I write your reading and send it to your email address.  It works really well and includes a channelled message before I choose cards.  Follow up email correspondence is included if you want to chat about your situation or the reading.  

By phone is another option, if you really prefer it.  I have gotten so used to seeing the person to whom I am speaking that chatting on the phone is weird but I am open to it.  I can accommodate one international call per month so maybe check with me before you order if you are living outside of Ireland.  If you have international minutes and can phone me, that is fine too.  I will pass you my number when we communicate about the reading.  Follow up contact by email or internet messages is included in the price if you need to chat or discuss the reading.  

I cannot offer a video link pre-recorded reading due to slow internet connection at times, (not always though).  I could not guarantee that it would be with you within 36 hours.  

The charge for this reading is €100 payable through the drop-down menu to the right side of the website or through quick link https://www.paypal.me/AngelsLoveandLight

Thank you.  

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