Twin Flame services.

If you are drawn to the Twin Flame path I can offer you twin flame readings as long as you understand that the journey is mostly about your own healing.  Your divine counterpart will be learning the same lessons triggered by different experiences and people.  Check out the Personal Readings page for a brief description of how a reading unfolds.  

NEW.  I have made four videos which are available for purchase at €5 each.  They are entitled as follows (length of videos in brackets). 

I have made public the first video to give you a flavour of the teachings. 

1.  The Twin Flame Path.  What is it about?   (34.27)
2.  Looking at your Life.  What has affected you?   (17.38)
3.  Physical body.  Recommendations of other teachers.  What is right for you?  (14.05)
4.  Decisions, Your Soul's Knowing, Children, Inner Child, Self Love, Feel the Love.  (28.47)
5.  Codependency (from the ancestral series.  I mention it as being part of this twin flame series.  (23.39)

I have also made 13 videos on Ancestral, Family and Self Healing.  If you would like all of those videos too (€50 for all) I will gift you the four Twin Flame videos (free gift).  

Check out my Family Healing services page on my website.  Payable through the drop-down menu at the right-hand side of the website.  You can also pick and choose from all of the videos and purchase them separately @ €5 each.  

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