Twin Flame readings

Being a twin flame myself, I have been avoiding the label of twin flame because no one is any more special than anyone else, no path is any more special than another path.  I will, however, offer twin flame readings which will focus on you mostly and your present life, how you can help yourself move forward towards your twin flame, divine partnership, soulmate union.  I will include a small section in the reading where I will choose some cards to give a little insight into what is going on in your combined energies.  

I am offering the readings by email, video, Skype and phone (I will phone client if you are in Ireland.  Outside Ireland I can facilitate one international client call per month otherwise client will organise the call.) Thank you.

All readings in person, email, Skype, phone or post 


10% discount for returning clients on all readings

Short check-in by email or video €22.22

All readings are payable through quick paypal link below or by asking me ( for an invoice to pay by credit or debit card. I also give the option of money or postal orders through the post in Ireland or also Western Union payments.   

Thank you.  

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