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        My first book is called - Coincidences... or are they?      

This is a short book (45 pages) which will help you see the wonderful help you have from Spirit, whether it be angels, saints, loved ones who have passed, the Universe, Goddesses, Ascended Masters, whoever you pray to or ask for help. Spirit also shows you a sense of humour as you go through your daily life. Many people do not see the signs that are sent to us all every day, in ordinary, down to earth ways. This book will show you some of them and aims to make life a little easier, more fun and very much more exciting!!!   The experiences and teachings in this book have all been experienced by me - this is how Spirit taught me how they communicate with us and how to trust my intuition.           

I am the author.  My name is Mary Keena Donnellan and I lived in Co Galway, Ireland where the cover photo was taken by me! 

It is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, the lulu link below and The Book Depository  - just search with my name Mary Keena Donnellan.  Prices vary from site to site.

I have published a second book.  I cannot take credit for the content, only the putting together of it all.  It is a collection of inspirational quotes by inspirational people.  I receive many of them into my email each morning and I post them on my Facebook page, so thought it would be nice to have them all together in one paper form - a book.  The links are the same as above.   It makes a lovely present to give to others too.  There are 166 pages in it. 

My third book is a follow up More Quotations and Affirmations.  It has 123 pages.  New quotations and new authors. Cover photo taken 
by myself at Leenane, Co Galway, Killary Fjord. 
My fourth book which will be called Onwards and Upwards.  I have no idea when it will be published  :)   

Comments, testimonials can be left at the bottom of any page here or on my YouTube channel.  There is a page especially for testimonials too.  Love and Light xx

I am very proud of my NEW book which is called Onwards and Upwards.  It is available on Amazon in paperback and kindle formats.  If you cannot find it under the title, enter my name in the search bar on Amazon - Mary Keena Donnellan.  Thank you.    It is filled with teachings and my own personal experiences on those teachings.  I have experienced every lesson that I teach!!    The cover photo was taken by me on the ascent to the Carrick-a-Rede ropebridge in Co Antrim, Ireland.  

TESTIMONIALS -  I love both books, they are both brilliant, so easy to read and make great presents for friends and family - Lucie in Galway. 

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