Into the New Oracle Card Deck

 I am so very proud to have accomplished this project of publishing my own deck of cards.  There are 44 cards, each with a different picture and message.  I took all of the photos myself on my travels. The cards are really good quality, small and easy to shuffle (they fit in your hand).  Available to purchase in the drop-down menu to the right-hand side of my website @ €28 each.  I kept the price as low as possible.  

I will take your order and place it with the publisher.  I will have the deck sent directly to your address to save on any extra postage.  Orders received before Christmas will not be placed (by me) until 26th December to make sure nothing gets lost in the Christmas post.  My own deck from ordering to receiving took 22 days.  Hopefully, postage times will be shorter in 2021 but that remains to be seen.  On the whole 22 days wasn't too bad though!! Postage prices are the same for every country, I have gone through the ordering process with different destination countries and all are the same price and it isn't over the top expensive because if it was, I wouldn't be ordering from them.  

I think that is it.  If you have any questions that I haven't covered please email me on  If you would like to pay in any other format just ask.  We will sort something out.  Price is in euro through my website but let me know if you would like to pay in your own currency or to receive an invoice by email.  

There are some pictures of the cards below and I have made a YouTube video giving a reading. I will be using the cards to give more readings in the future.  My YouTube channel is Mary from Ireland and can be accessed easily through my website too  

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