Personal Mentorship Programme

I was awoken to there being a bigger
picture to life, in 2007. Since that I
have walked a journey of self-
awareness, self-acceptance, self-
worth, evolution, fear, doubt,
anger, resentment, joy, happiness,
love and lots of it, soul connections,
learning new skills, creating works
that I never knew were within me
and more and more and even more!
I have done courses, attended work-
shops had personal psychotherapy,
taken part in group sessions, attended
meditation groups, crystal groups,
dream groups, done so much inner
work with shamans, kinesiologists,
herbalists, reiki, IET and bioenergy
healers, homeopaths, flower
therapists and card readers. and I
have overcome many obstacles.
The inner work is ongoing of course,
we will be learning until we leave
here and will still have more to
learn then too!!
I have been blessed with meeting
the right people to help me at the
right time. Some of them were paid
professionals, healers, group leaders
and others were new friends on the
same path. I was guided to many
free resources and learned what
those teachers had to teach me too.
I myself have set up my own
website which gives people the
opportunity to connect with
me and purchase my services
or enjoy and learn from my free
I am now offering a very personal
service to those who are drawn. I
am calling it a PERSONAL
The AIM is to help you along your
path and to keep you focused on
your spiritual healing thus
giving you tools which will stand
to you over the rest of your journey.
It is intended to give you a
determination to ascend higher
and to fulfil your life purpose to the
highest degree and to bring more
love, peace, joy and harmony into
your life and to those around you.
The intention behind setting up
this programme is that you have
someone to walk with you side by
side every day, over a four week
period as the teachings are that it
takes 28 days to adopt a new
discipline into your life. It is
available for one, two or three
weeks too of course if that is
something that is calling to you.
My path has been the twin flame
path as it has been for many of my
followers, but of course it isn’t the
only path. To me no matter what
label is attached to your path, the
journey is the same, it is all about
SELF and healing the heart so
that you open more fully to a
greater love.
THE PLAN - There will be an
opening meet-up on Skype,
by email or in-person to go
through your journey and
where you are at now. I will
choose some cards
during this session too to
give us Spirit’s take on it. Of
course, Spirit will be guiding the
whole programme! That is a given!

This is a stand-alone session & will
cost €50 (£45, USD 60, CAD 75,
AUD 80) payable in advance
through the drop-down menu to
the right of my website or by asking
me to send you an invoice - This is
also my PayPal address.

If you decide not to go ahead with
the full course, you will have
received a full card reading plus
at least an hour, usually more, of
my time, intuition and listening

If you decide to go ahead with
the course the charge per week
(all 7 days!) is €200 and for
the full 28 days €699.
I will also take payment in US, CA
and AUS $ and British Pounds £ or
other currencies if needed.
GBP £180 and £625
USD $229 and $800
CAD $305 and $1066
AUD $320 and $1119
My PayPal email address is or
ask me to send you an invoice
at the same address. There is
an option to start paying in
instalments before starting
the course.
You will be required to keep a
daily journal of your feelings,
happenings, what you are
discovering during the 28 days
and it is a good practice to keep
up over time too. It is amazing
what surfaces as you write.
You will also be required to keep
notes on your nighttime dreams
(which we will peruse together and
discover messages and healings
that emerge from them).
I will be giving you meditations
to help you during your quiet times
and keeping a record of messages or
experiences received during them is
of benefit for you too.
I will be sending distant healing
during the first and last week to
assist you too and bringing forth
experiences and messages from
those too (if needed).
The rest will depend on what
comes up for you (or me!!)
during our time together. We
will focus on whatever healing
Spirit let us know about, eg inner
child, ancestral, past lives, loss of
loved ones, relationships, separation
etc as the weeks unfold.
There will be recommendations of
books, videos,
other teachers as we go forward too,
I am sure and God only knows what
else will pop up. I will be
available at some point every
day to email or social media
chat and if you are ok with Skype,
we will have a session a week,
otherwise, a long email, chat
session or an in-person one
hour meeting if you are within
driving distance of in Ireland
at the beginning or during every
week! All of this is flexible,
whatever is comfortable for all.
I will only be working with a very
small number of clients in this way
at a time, and envisage starting
with someone new every fortnight,
so if you are interested, please
contact me to be added to the
waiting list. While you are waiting,
there is the choice of paying by
instalments which will make it
easier for you. Payment in advance
is required on all options.
Thank you so much and I am
looking forward to working
with some of you in person
over the coming months.

My PayPal address is
or if you would like me to
send you an invoice, email
me at the same address.
Thank you.
Love and Light xx Mary

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