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Twin Flames, Divine Partnerships, Soulmates and Friends gathering.  My own workshop for Twin Flames, Soulmates, Divine Partners and Friends in Enniscrone, Co Sligo, Ireland.  The 19th is a day of meditation, adding to our gifts, angel cards, getting to know other like-minded souls and some fun too.  It will be held in the Diamond Coast Hotel and is just €50 for the day.  The following day is a rest, chill, eat, drink, chat, pull cards, music, walk on the beach, seaweed baths, whatever takes your fancy.  I will be there enjoying this little village, its energy and the energy of that fabulous beach!! There is at least one soul sister travelling from the USA for this and her first trip around Ireland too.  That will be so exciting for her and us to meet up too!  The world has become a small place, it is now easy to meet soul sisters and brothers on the internet and link up with them in person too! Miracles!!  I have created an event on my Angels' Love and Light Facebook page so will be sharing it more fully over the coming months.

In Mountbellew, Co Galway

I run angel/fairy card workshops from time to time both morning and evening sessions.  Keep up to date on my events by filling in the "follow by email" section to the right hand side of my website.  You will receive updates as I post them.  

I keep the groups small - 6 - 8 people so that everyone gets a chance to ask questions and to get alot of practice in.  It is a very informal and fun group setting, so no need for nervousness.  I set
the time for 2 hours but that isn't set in stone. Check me out on YouTube and you will get to know me a little bit before booking  

You will receive a new deck of cards to take home with you on the day, a little booklet with deeper meanings from my own experience on some of the cards, learn how to prepare your cards before readings and get a chance to practice and ask questions.  There is also a cuppa if you would like, at the end.  

The charge is just €40 per person payable on the day.  This service is also available on a one-to-one basis at a charge of €50 and works wonderfully well.  You get a personal reading all by yourself and have me all to yourself too!!  Booking in advance is necessary with Mary on 0877713956 or 


For those of you who would like to take part in my video teachings on learning to use fairy cards, we will be using the Healing with the Fairies deck. If you don't have them I would advise when you purchase them, to wait until you start working your way through the course, to open them. For those who already have them I will be sharing some more in-depth meanings for some of the cards.
There are seven videos in the course. Each link will be sent to your email address. You then work your way through each one at your own pace. The videos can be watched over and over, as you need them.

The first one is a welcome message. Second is a meditation to meet your guide/s who will be working with you through the course. Number 3 is learning how to clear the card's energy. Number 4 is putting your own energy and intention into your cards. Numbers 5 and 6 are readings and number 7 is teaching some deeper meanings which I've learned for some of the cards. You also receive a written email of the more in-depth messages of some of the cards. 
The cost of the course is €35 payable through PayPal through the link below. I can send you an invoice to your email address if you don't have a PayPal account. Ask me on I will also accept money orders/cheques through the post or Western Union payments. I think that covers all eventualities so please don't hesitate to ask. ❤An
The quick link by PayPal is  Thank you. 

Also check out my mentorship course page here for further in-depth help along your path.  For other teachings/videos/MP3's check out my page at Gumroad

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